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happens when the squirrel plays back. >> you're looking at adjunct law professor james olmstead, he's all happening at a y. student protest. it was basically a mock border check in that was organized by students against imperialism. >> if you want this country back, start a booep war and take it back. >> that's not how we have to do things. >> you can hear his speech and his behavior, they both seem to be aggressive. >> do something. >> is this just the professor's way of making a teaching moment? is he being confrontational for the purpose of the argument? >> he's not only verbally confrontational. but he also gets physically confrontation. >> are you photographing this? >> yes, i am photographing you because you're being aggressive. >> now we have another angle of this same incident. that's a moment where you see him take the phone -- >>> that brief moment of his aggression towards her, that kind of changing it all. >> the university has changes his teaching aseen m he will not return as anned a jujt law professor. olmstead was actually arrested in lieu of custody for second-degree thef
witnessed and what he couldn't do. >> if it is any comfort they talk to the mother-in-law of the driver who parished and she called the officers heroes because they tried all they could to help the man. other officers are coming to his aid and pouring something on his hands and he did have to end up going to the hospital for treatment. >> another officer tried to break the windshield and he wasn't able to do it and the flames were too too intense. >> witnesses tell them speed may be a factor. >>> two videos to show you guys, a bad case of the sticky fingers. the first one is very short surveillance clip of these two people that went into this pet store and they played around with a puppy which the owner of the store says it is okay to do. when she was distracted they grabbed the black lab mix puppy and they stormed out the door. >> oh, man. who steals a puppy? what are you going to do, raise the puppy and you know you stole the thing? it is terrible. >> you do see the owner come out from one of the aisles and follows trying to get their license plate but they had it covered with a piece of
the cops. this wasn't the only brush with the law that charles ross has had recently. in january, you may remember, he was arrested for a wedgy prank. his other video includes kissing strangers, getting in cars with strangers and remember the truck ball video. ross creations has more than 7,000 subscribers and his videos have tallied up more than 7.8 million views on youtube. so wildly popular his pranks. this one got him in some hot water. >>> a chicago metro train was delayed for about 15 minutes last week which isn't out of the ordinary but the reason why it was delayed is. tsa viper agents were on board. reports say they were looking for some sort of nuclear device. dave from tbs 2, an investigative reporter checked into this video captured by one of cbs 2's photo journalist on a cell phone. she happened to be on the train. each one were carrying a handheld nuclear detection device. you see these guys going through the train looking at bags and questioning riders. it wasn't something they wanted to find, it was someone. >> had no idea that i was the center of the activity. >> jerry jo
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)